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Hit-a-Thon & Picture Day Coming April 1
Hit-a-Thon is CHPBA's largest fundraiser of the year. It is a fun, day-long event that gives kids a chance to compete for great prizes while showing off their baseball skills and raising money to support the league. Our Hit-a-Thon is combined with Picture Day and will happen on Saturday, April 1, 2017.
On Saturday, there will be three competitions: throwing accuracy, throwing long toss, and batting. At the batting event, players have 3 chances to hit the ball off a tee and see how far it goes. The best of the 3 hits becomes the recorded score. Sponsors are asked to make a “per foot” pledge (the average hit is 175 feet) or just a pledge for a flat amount of money. Prizes are awarded in each division to the individual player who raises the most money.
Please help sustain CHPBA by generously participating in this event. All donations are tax deductible. CHPBA is a 501(c)(3). Some companies may match charitable contributions so please inquire with your employer. 100% participation by all teams is critical to the success of Hit-a-Thon. We would like to see a minimum donation of $125 per league family, so start asking friends, family, and neighbors for pledges.
Click here to make a Hit-a-Thon donation online now.
Download pledge form here.

by posted 03/24/2017